At the POWIŚLAŃSKI UNIVERSITY IN KWIDZYN, the grading scale is from 2 to 5.0, and grades will be converted into ECTS credits as follows:

AEXCELLENT – excellent achievements (results) including only minor errors5.0
BVERY GOOD – above an average standard, with some errors.4.5
CGOOD – generally good work with a number of noticeable errors.4
DSATISFACTORY – satisfactory, but with many (important) errors.3.5
EPASSABLE – work (result) meeting minimum criteria.3
FXINSUFFICIENT – credits may be granted if a student completes main gaps in material. 2.0
FINSUFFICIENT – credits may be granted if a student repeats the whole material. 2.0

The ECTS grading scale combines key words, i.e. “good” and “excellent” with figures, which makes them more transparent. The number of ECTS grades is a result of a compromise. If there were less grades, they would reflect too few information. Whereas, a bigger number of grades would mean be equal to the level of accuracy which practically does not exist, and the allocation of such grades would require more mechanical work.