Szanowni Państwo,

miło nam poinformować, iż Powiślańska Szkoła Wyższa została zauważona za oceanem – w Stanach Zjednoczonych, a dokładnie przez Corvus Health / Bethesda Education z Waszyngtonu! ??

Dear Dr. Strzala,

My name is Dr. Kate Tulenko, one of the co-founders of Bethesda Education, a global nursing school that is being set up to address the global nursing shortage. We developed the concept of a global nursing school after working with dozens of schools and seeing challenges due to the lack of scale and resources. I am following up from the phone call that my colleague Maya made.

We are seeking to partner with private nursing schools around the world, either through acquisition or revenue share, to improve the school quality and efficiency, including admissions, management, curriculum, instruction, clinical practica, and opportunities for overseas study and employment.

Best wishes,

Dr. Kate Tulenko, MD, MPH, MPhil, FAAP

CEO, Corvus Health

“Ensuring all people have access to qualified, supported health workers.”

> Bethesda Education March (.pdf)