Giving Students a Voice and Resources for Their Ideas!

Are you ready to make a positive difference in student life? Do you want to implement a project that will help you and your fellow students? Meet the Student Initiative Fund, your source of support to help your ideas become reality! 

The Student Initiative Fund is a place where students have a real impact on their academic environment. We want every student to be able to express their ideas and dreams, and we are here to help them. Together, we can make positive changes and develop our community. 

The Student Initiative Fund (SFI) is an innovative initiative created for students. Its goal is to foster creativity, entrepreneurship and innovative ideas among the academic community. It is a place where your projects, social initiatives, research, cultural events and many other ideas can become reality. 

Funding Your Ideas: 

Our fund provides funding for projects and initiatives submitted by students. Whether you want to organize a cultural event or help the community, SFI is here to help you. 

Skill Building:  

Working on your project with SFI isn’t just about financial support. It’s also an opportunity to develop skills that will be useful in the future, such as project management, financial planning and communication. 

  1. Organization of Cultural Events:

– Funding for concerts, performances, art shows, lectures or other cultural events that enrich cultural life at the university.

2. Support for Social and Charitable Activities:

– Implementation of charitable projects, community collections, volunteer actions or activities that support the local community. 

  1. Educational Projects:

– Organization of conferences, workshops, lectures or other educational activities to enhance students’ knowledge and skills. 

  1. Sports Initiatives:

– Support of sports teams, organization of tournaments, purchase of sports equipment, and promotion of active lifestyles among students. 

  1. Student Infrastructure Development:

– Modernization or purchase of equipment for teaching rooms, computer labs, libraries or other student areas. 

6 Sustainability Projects: 

– Initiating activities that promote sustainability, such as environmental campaigns, tree planting and environmental education. 

  1. Establishment and Development of Student Clubs:

– Funding newly established student clubs, organizing club events, and promoting diverse student interests. 

  1. Support for Research Projects:

– Funding research projects, master’s theses or scientific activities that can contribute to the development of students’ knowledge and skills. 

  1. Improving Study Conditions:

– Investing in projects that improve studying conditions, such as purchasing modern technology, adapting lecture halls or improving campus infrastructure. 

  1. Initiating Innovative Projects:

– Supporting creative and innovative projects that can contribute to the development of the university and enhance cooperation between students and the academic community. 

  1. 11. Promoting Healthy Lifestyles:

– Organization of health-related events such as healthy cooking workshops, fitness classes and anti-stress campaigns. 

  1. Development of Soft Skills:

– Implementing training and courses to develop soft skills, such as time management, communication or teamwork skills. 

  1. Creating Creative Space:

– Equipping a creative corner at the university where students can work together on art, literary or film projects. 

14 Initiating Industry Meetings: 

– Organizing job fairs, meetings with industry representatives, or networking events to enable students to connect with entrepreneurs. 

  1. Equality and Diversification Activities:

– Support activities that promote gender equality, cultural diversity or social inclusion on campus. 

  1. Creation of Multimedia Educational Resources:

– Funding for projects to create cutting-edge educational materials, podcasts, video lessons or online learning platforms. 

  1. Supporting Student Entrepreneurship:

– Funding for projects that support student entrepreneurship, such as business incubators, mentoring, or startup competitions. 

  1. Foreign Language Courses:

– Organizing foreign language courses to enable students to develop language skills according to their interests. 

  1. 19. Research Initiation:

– Supporting students in conducting scientific research, purchasing research equipment or subsidizing participation in scientific conferences.20 Creating Spaces for Self-Development:- Organizing personal development workshops, coaching sessions or meetings with career development experts. 

– Organizing personal development workshops, coaching sessions or meetings with career development experts. 

  1. Developing a Cultural Platform:

– Creating an online platform or app to promote cultural events and student community activities. 

22 Support for Foreign Students: 

– Establish a fund to support foreign students, providing them with financial assistance in difficult situations or organizing inclusive events. 

23 Creating E-learning Teaching Resources: 

– Development of an e-learning platform or educational application, offering additional resources for students in remote learning. 

  1. submit your Idea- download the application and regulations from the Downloads tab under Student-> Student Zone -> Student Initiative Fund
  2. send us your application to the email address: and deliver them stationary to your dean’s office within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the electronic application.
  3. What the application must include:
  4. the stated purpose and answer to the word-why?
  5. number of people interested-if applicable-a list with signatures
  6. location of the idea: Gdansk, Torun, Kwidzyn, Koscierzyna
  7. signed regulations
  8. details of the person submitting: Name, surname, album number, major and year of study, e- mail, phone.
  9. signed consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of submitting an idea to the Student Initiative Fund- SFI

10 Results: 

We will notify you if your application is positive or negative. With a positive one, we start the implementation work. Time for issuing a decision- it is 2 weeks after receiving the paper version of the application- the time of implementation of the initiative- given with the answer.