At our university there is an opportunity for you to acquire your Discount Card, which entitles you to discounts at selected partner points.

How to get a Discount Card?

Just apply for it at your dedicated dean’s office!

Important information!

We would like to remind you that in order to take advantage of the discounts, you must have both the Discount Card and a VALID STUDENT ID card with you. Without these documents, it will not be possible to calculate the discount.

Don’t miss the opportunity to save money! Use your Discount Card now and take advantage of the numerous discounts and promotions available from our partners.

The Discount Card still only exists in Polish, but we are working on modifying it!

With the current version of the Card, we wish you fruitful use!

Gdańska Księgarnia Naukowa

Gdanska Księgarnia Naukowa is one of the points on the map of the City of Gdansk with the longest unbroken tradition of book trade. During its more than 40 years on the market, it has undergone several transformations. Throughout all this time it invariably attracts with its carefully selected offer, but also with its unusual atmosphere. With a discount card, you can receive as much as 8% discount on the entire assortment.


56 Lagiewniki Street, Gdansk, Poland

Piekarnia Ormiańsko- Gruzińska ISIKA

ISIKA Armenian-Georgian Bakery is a place that in its wide assortment has prepared many tasty and unique in taste products that are prepared using traditional and original ingredients.Right now you can get a 5% discount on all products at all locations!


Gdansk: Rajska 1/5B St., Grunwaldzka 40 St., Czerwony Dwór 24 St.Gdynia: 37 Świętojańska Street

Restauracja A nóż widelec

Delicious home-cooked dinners, catering at affordable prices.
7% discount on goods and services for on-site orders


Address: 45 Józefa Piłsudskiego St., 82-500 Kwidzyn

Phone: 733 656 565

Sklep AGD Sport

Home appliances: household goods retail, mixers, microwave ovens, kettles, home and garden SPORT/TURISM: sports equipment, bicycles and sporting goods, swimwear, balls

 4% goods and services

 Address:11 Słowiańska Street, 82-500 KwidzynPhone: 55 279 33 05

Kawiarnia BORDO

We cordially invite you to visit the premises. In our cozy interior you will relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sitting on comfortable armchairs and sofas you can enjoy, among other things, coffee brewed in the Italian style, in the classic manner or with a variety of additives (with syrups, chocolate, ice cream, alcohol and whipped cream.





Our menu includes a wide selection of teas, hot chocolate, and for gourmets, a large selection of ice cream and desserts.The specialties of Cafe&Pub Bordo are pancakes, fruit cocktails and delicious thick drinking chocolate.

For lovers of stronger drinks, we offer a wide selection of beers and drinks (with or without alcohol), and for those who are hungry in our establishment, pita, tortillas, dumplings, pancakes and salads await.

Address: 15 Targowa Street, 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 886 868 887
5% discount on goods and services

[piątek 14:58] lic. Oliwia Dybza

Hotel and conference center
At our guests’ disposal are 24 fully equipped rooms that can accommodate 72 people. We offer 5 rooms of tourist class, i.e. with access to bathrooms and toilets in a corridor common to these rooms.
The discount includes 10% for each night over the tenth night, 15% for each night over the twentieth night

Address:42 Braterstwa Narodów St., 82-500 Kwidzyn

Phone: 600 874 443

Centrum Balke

Hotel and conference center
At our guests’ disposal are 24 fully equipped rooms that can accommodate 72 people. We offer 5 rooms of tourist class, i.e. with access to bathrooms and toilets in a corridor common to these rooms.
The discount includes 10% for each night over the tenth night, 15% for each night over the twentieth night


Address:42 Braterstwa Narodów St., 82-500 Kwidzyn

Phone: 600 874 443

Cukiernia Magnolia

Operating for 40 years, a family business with traditions. The offer will include confectionery baked goods, i.e. :special occasion cakes, photo cakes, multiflavored cakes, cookies, doughnuts, croissants, pasties.
The confectioners specialize in 3D cakes of unusual shapes (for children, young people as well as for bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc.).
5% discount on goods when paying in cashAddress:22 Grudziądzka St., 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 55 279 22 12, 609 152 575, 601 642 407

Dobre Oko – Salon Optyczny

A group of optical salons for which healthy eyes are the most important thing.Eyeglasses are a part of you, you are supposed to feel in them as in your second skin. That’s why our stylists will do their best to make it so. With us you will love your glasses.
We offer professional EYE EXAMINATION. Our certified optometrists are at your service almost every day. Trust our specialists for good vision.
20% promotion on frames and free eye exam


Address:Targowa 5, 82-500 Kwidzyn

Pizzeria Don Corleone

The first Don Corleone restaurant was established in Kwidzyn – 15 Pilsudski St. This is the Godfather of all our establishments.Here the first recipes were created, ideas for subsequent dishes were born.Pizzeria offers not only excellent, baked on thin dough pizza, but also delicious pasta, seafood, salads, creamy soups, and other dinner dishes.
The menu includes special offerings for the youngest guests.7% goods and services when ordering on site


Address:15 Piłsudskiego Street, 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 662 662 062

ELBO – hurtownia, sklep papierniczy

Wholesale “ELBO” is a local distributor of many domestic and foreign manufacturers of the office and stationery industry.As befits a modern company, we work on a daily basis based on a catalog and an online sales platform.This is to greatly facilitate ordering and shorten the waiting time for goods.We have our own transportation and can offer free delivery of goods. We encourage you to use our online platform.
10% discount on goods


Address: 6 3-go Maja Street, 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 55 279 42 42

Przychodnia FAMIL-MED

Health for the family with the latest medical equipment.
Specialized assistance in: ophthalmology, surgery, orthopedics, nephrology, cardiology, neurology, ENT, endocrinology, sports medicine, aesthetic medicine, ultrasound, echo heart, massages, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, dietetics, speech therapy, corrective gymnastics for children.
15% discount on massage services and physiotherapy treatments.


Address:34 Braterstwa Narodów Street, 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 609 665 137

La Cantina Restauracja

Italian/Mexican restaurant – breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks10% on services


Address: 30 Grudziądzka Street, 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 55 261 00 33

Leniwa Baba – bar mleczny

Milk Bar Leniwa Baba is a place where you can eat traditional Polish cuisine at very attractive prices, you’re welcome 🙂

10% on services

Tadeusza Kościuszki 49A street, 82-500 Kwidzyn;
Świętojańska 51 street, Gdynia;
ul.Monte Cassino 6, Sopot

Phone: 55 261 91 91

Mediator – drukarnia

Comprehensive service. Latest third-generation HP Latex Printing technology. High photographic print quality, fully flexible prints, best color reproduction, high protection against abrasion, printing free of solvents and harmful substances with environmental certification.Products on offer will include murals, photo paintings, stickers, banners, stamps, etc.7% discount on cash payments for printing and binding of bachelor’s theses and invitations


Address: 32 a Kopernika St., 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 55 612 54 12

Natur House

The mission is nutritional re-education.The role of the nutritionist is primarily to convey the principles of proper healthy eating.The method developed by Naturhouse nutritionists is unique, and the professional service flexibly adapts to the changing market and expectations.
Here everyone will find expert advice on nutrition and will be taken care of professionally throughout the dietary treatment.

Free high-fiber product for the first paid visit to the Naturhouse Diet Center

Address:40 Józefa Piłsudskiego Street, 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 785 736 835

Salon Optyczny Maryla

Professional customer service, reliable services and affordable prices.Due training, many years of experience and pedantic attention to detail guarantee high quality eyewear, which is important, especially in the case of cylindrical and progressive glasses.
We work with modern equipment from the leader in optics, Essilor Kappa CTD. The equipment is electronically programmed and controlled; it allows us to take into account all parameters resulting from visual acuity measurements. Our employees responsible for lens fitting and processing have extensive professional experience and qualifications.
15% discount on corrective and sunglasses, discount is not combined with other discounts

Address: Targowa 2, 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 55 279 41 54

Bar Smaki Powiśla

Homemade, delicious food, served on site, for delivery and takeaway.A wide variety of dishes prepared by people with many years of experience in catering.

10% on services

Address:1 Ogrodowa St., 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 55 245 44 16

Staromiejska Restaurant & Club

Stylish restaurant, international cuisine, unique interior, and soon an outdoor garden.

5% discount on goods or services, discount does not combine with other discounts

Address: 9 Magazynowa St., 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 604 194 970

Studio Foto

The long-standing presence of the company in the market, allows us to believe that its employees will guarantee a high level of service and competence necessary to handle the projects commissioned to “Studio Foto” Janina Kucharska.
Photo Studio Janina Kucharska offers:


– photographic services
– photography
– photography
– picture development
– processing of photos
– digital photography
– photographer

Address: Chopina 12, 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 55 279 31 48

10% goods or services over 10zl

Studio Kosmetyczne Sophie

Sophie Cosmetic Studio is the place where natural beauty is discovered. The offer includes a wide range of treatments for the face, body and nails. Following innovations in cosmetology is one of the salon’s priorities. One of the few offices in Poland recommended by the renowned Dermika brand.
You are cordially invited!
10% discount on all services except manicure and pedicure when paying in cash

Address: 17 Chopina Street, 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 603 446 588

Rowery Kwidzyn

In the store you will find bicycles from reputable brands such as Giant, Unibike, Kellys, and others.The store has a wide range of accessories and bicycle parts.In addition, it offers professional service and qualified and competent staff, who are always at your disposal.
You are cordially invited!
5% discount on goods

Address: 15 Sierpnia 25, 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 535 461 239

American street food

With a passion for travel, they share their experience in the subject of food.With years of experience and as a chef in several EU countries.
You are cordially invited!
10% discount on hamburgers

Address: 25A Kopernika St., 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: 661 262 700


For the love of student life, we invite you to the Underbeer restaurant where you can enjoy a 10% discount to the entire menu offered by the restaurant.
Discount of 10% to the entire menu offered by the premises

Address: Garbary 6, 80-827 Gdansk
Phone: 58 329 06 02

Hotelik Kościerzyna

We highly recommend staying overnight in Koscierzyna at Zajazd Astra, Hotelik Koscierzyna. Students of the Powiślański University can pick up accommodation here with a 10% discount.
10% discount on accommodation

Address: 26 Dluga Street, 83-400 Koscierzyna
Phone: 58 686 62 98


“Koscierzanka” Cafe, Restaurant “Koscierzanka”, where you can drink delicious coffee, eat tasty pastries as well as have a filling lunch, and with the PSW discount card you will receive a 10% discount on all things.
10% discount

Address: Miodowa 23, 83-400 Koscierzyna
Phone: 791 001 522

Hotel Gryf

In Hotel “Gryf” in Koscierzyna you will receive a 15% discount on accommodation. 
You are welcome.
15% discount on accommodation

Address: Ogrodowa 2, 83-400 Koscierzyna
Phone: 58 686 31 55

“Kwidzyńska” Kwiaciarnia i Pracownia Florystyczna

At “Kwidzyn Florist and Florist Studio – Julita Rzepczynska”, PSW students receive a 10% discount on services.
You are cordially invited.
5% discount on services
Address:7A Sokola Street; 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: +48 660 774 130

Pub Music Kwidzyn

– Pub Music Kwidzyn – Adult entertainment service
– Hotel – 15% discount on accommodation (30zl/day)
– Club – Free entrance upon presentation of a discount card along with a valid student ID card
– Pub – 50% discount on billiards

5% discount on services
Address: 30B Tadeusza Kosciuszko Street, 82-500 Kwidzyn
Phone: +48 601 653 406