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Looking to chat with other users? Want to get in touch with people facing the same challenges as you?

Need to ask your tutor a question?

Look no further! The OLS Forum is just the place for you.

On the OLS Forum, you can:

● Practise your writing skills with weekly topics
● Chat with other users
● Talk to a team of native-speaking tutors to help you when you need an answer

This is all happening RIGHT NOW on the OLS Forum. Just switch on, log in and drop by. We’re all waiting there for you!





Don’t forget our Massive
Open Online Courses (MOOCs)!
Every week you can attend a 30-minute
video lesson with a native-speaking
tutor on a variety of topics.

COVID-19 Specials – Starting on
the 3rd of June:

Tips & tricks: getting ready for               
your exam

Coming up in June:

– Find a job & prepare your CV
– Writing an essay
– Media & news
– I like…



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