SiMUN – Applications for Delegates and the Press team are open


Ljubljana, May 2016: MEOS, the Association for Promotion and Development of International Relations, continues with preparations for the SiMUN 2016 project. SiMUN is a simulation of different international organizations that is going to take place from 19th to 23rd of September 2016 in Ljubljana. Every year, the project gains more and more credibility and international recognition since this will be the 9th time its young participants from all over the world come together.

SiMUN 2016 will offer three committees: Security Council (United Nations), Foreign Affairs Council (European Union) and Ministerial Council (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). The main topic in all committees will be the Balkans, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country that is striving to overcome internal disputes in order to gain stability and to be eligible for membership in the international integrations of the so‑called developed West.

Applications for this year’s participants are already open. You can apply on our website: Furthermore, applications for the press team are open as well – the press team consists of three journalists, an editor, and a photographer. Their central tasks are to report about the SiMUN conference and to create the newspaper called SiMUN TIMES. It is also still possible to apply for the function of a committee chair.

SiMUN is organized by the Association for Promotion and Development of International Relations (MEOS), which is an independent, voluntary, non-governmental, and non-profit association. The simulation is organized in order to promote intercultural dialogue, to upgrade communication skills, and to make new friends.
SiMUN invitation leaflet

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